Gender Support at FSS

Fayerweather has long been a school dedicated to LGBTQ+ rights and advocacy, honoring, valuing, and affirming students and the many aspects of their identities. As we head into another year together, we are both excited and encouraged about our work. We are very aware of and concerned about the current climate our LGBTQ+ community is facing. FSS remains committed to supporting, affirming, and holding our transgender, genderqueer, gender non-binary, and all LGBTQ+ students, staff, and families. It is part of our school’s mission to welcome everyone and accept them for who they are and where they are in their journey.
This commitment to supporting students’ identities is aligned with our school mission, and one of the ways we are living this is through creating our Gender Support Team. This team’s purpose is to help create and maintain policies and procedures around supporting youth and their gender identities by providing assistance and guidance when questions, concerns, or specific incidents arise. The team is also working on an overall gender vision statement that will be shared with the community this year and will become part of the parent and student handbooks.
So far, the Gender Support Committee has helped produce an inclusive bathroom policy and pronoun/name guidelines. The Gender Support plan and name/pronoun change form are internal documents that help teachers/staff get on the same page when a student needs additional support. They are ways we create a shared understanding and a way forward in our support of individual students.
We want the school to be a place where all people feel welcomed, seen for who they truly are, and given the resources, they need to be their full selves. We encourage families to reach out to us at if they have questions or are looking for additional support. We are stronger together as a community, and we will work to hold each other and keep our community as a loving and welcoming place.

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