In Kindergarten, children are learning the fundamentals of writing, from letter formation to sounding out words. One of the many ways this comes to life is through the Kindergarten Post Office. Constructed from the ground up, children first visit a post office where they ask many questions and teachers take notes.

List of 4 items.

  • How will the letters get there?

  • What supplies are needed?

  • What will happen in the post office?

  • Who will write the letters; who will receive them?

Our many questions guide our creation of the dramatic play area into a work area replete with postal uniforms made by the children, letter cancelling apparatus and lists of zip codes for the various classrooms throughout the school. Kindergarteners, excited at the prospect of their writing being read, write letters to their special friends in the third and fourth grades. Meanwhile, a fifth grade sibling is writing to his sister and her friends, while an eighth grader who visits weekly for community service, is sending letters to the whole class.

All mail gets an envelope and homemade stamp, is cancelled and then sorted to various classroom zip codes. Kindergarteners don their uniforms and step out to distribute mail throughout the school, feeling pride in their ability to comfortably navigate the hallways by themselves.
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