Young children naturally develop language acquisition skills at birth. Uniquely attuned to differences of tone and sound, they have a particular ease at learning a new language, much in the way they acquired their mother tongue. Fayerweather begins second language instruction based on this belief, using activities that are fun and engaging. Learning a new language at a young age develops confidence and flexibility, setting the foundation for further learning in any language.

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  • PreK

    At Fayerweather, we introduce children to the joys of language learning from the beginning. In PreK, the Spanish teacher comes to the classroom where children sing, dance, and play games, as well as learn simple greetings and basic words for numbers, colors, sizes and animals. These fun and activity-based experiences set the stage for further instruction by instilling a positive experience in learning another language.
  • Kindergarten

    In Kindergarten, the Spanish teacher comes to the classroom and continues the process of presenting language learning as fun and engaging. The children build vocabulary and confidence through songs and language-based games. Spanish culture is shared through story books, images, cooking, dancing and crafts. These experiences build a solid foundation for further learning in speaking and understanding a new language.

Curriculum Sample

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  • Basic vocabulary

  • Cultural studies

  • Games

  • Singing

  • Stories

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