Fayerweather doesn’t just welcome parental engagement - we depend on it. Fayerweather parents bring their talents, energies, and passions to the school every day. There are dozens of ways to engage: from the Board of Directors to the Parent Association; from annual community events like the Art of Craft to treasured school-day traditions like Project Days; from classroom field trips to parent education nights. In a small school everyone’s help and support is needed and valued!

More than 90% of Fayerweather families also support the school’s Annual Fund - a clear measure of their belief in the value of a Fayerweather education. With additional support from our extended community of grandparents, alumni, and other friends, we also completed recent capital campaigns to expand and renovate our building in 2005 and build a brand-new playground in 2014. Donations to Fayerweather support our students, teachers and programs today - and also ensure that the benefits of a Fayerweather education will be available for generations to come.

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  • Annual Fund

    At Fayerweather, we proudly celebrate a unique mission inspired by progressive education and crystallized by our cooperative community spirit. We work together to shape students' learning with our creative experimental curriculum. This would be impossible without the support of our donors who recognize that their contributions support the environment in which teaching and learning flourish. Tuition alone does not cover the entire cost of educating a child. Like most independent schools, we count on the voluntary support from our parents, grandparents, alumni and other members of the school community to bridge the gap between tuition revenue and operating expenses.

    Consistently, 100% of our board members, faculty and staff have played a role and contributed to the Annual Fund. Last year, 91% of families gave gifts that ranged from $25 - $25,000. With recurring monthly gifts and one-time donations, we surpassed our fundraising goal. This year's goal is $200,000. Please consider making a gift in a multiple of $50 to honor our 50th Anniversary.
  • Horizon Fund

    The Horizon Fund was created in 2007 to support a range of professional enrichment opportunities for FSS faculty and staff. The program serves two main functions: it supplements FSS’s current professional development program by funding projects that exceed the scope (in terms of money and/or time) of that program and it offers a sense of reward for service and dedication to our faculty and staff.

    The Horizon Fund has supported:

    • studying Haitian Creole and traveling to our sister school in Haiti
    • opportunity for studio art time
    • voice lessons
    • intensive creative writing seminar
    • early childhood book making and story-telling workshops
    • Organic World Language (OWL) workshop
    • writing conferences 
    By giving to this fund, you give back to the people who directly interact with our children. Your gift helps the recipients of this award to pursue interests that foster growth, learning and renewal.
  • Education Foundation

    The Fayerweather Educational Foundation (FEF) is a 501c3 “supporting organization” that exists solely to support Fayerweather Street School. The main focus of FEF, as currently comprised, is to raise funds for and manage the school’s endowment.

    The endowment is small, by the measure of most independent schools, but it is a growing part of the school’s balance sheet. As the endowment continues to grow, we hope that it will play an important role in ensuring the financial security of the school, not just for the here-and-now, but also for future generations.

    A gift of cash or stock to the endowment allows us to make a permanent investment in the school, creating a lasting legacy for priorities you deem important. If you would like to make a gift, please contact us.
  • Birthday Book

    Our Birthday Book Program at Fayerweather is a great way to celebrate children’s birthdays while building our library collection. You can make a donation to the library and have the librarians purchase a book (print or audio), chosen with your child’s interests and literary tastes in mind or request a specific title or subject. If you prefer, you may purchase or donate a book and send it to school. All Birthday Books have a commemorative book plate with the child’s name and birthday and your name as the donor. All donations will be acknowledged in our Annual Report. Any amount you donate beyond the price of the book will be used to enhance our wonderful library.
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