At Fayerweather Street School we understand the transformative power of community. Our community of diverse students, staff, and parents provide the foundation for how we teach, engage, and cultivate a sense of purpose and meaning. Our mission and core values ask us to think deeply, to demonstrate curiosity, compassion, and courage, particularly in this season of constant change and disruption. 

We are a small and intimate learning community that, to the extent possible, works diligently to meet the cognitive, social, and emotional growth demands of those of us who learn and work here. Making learning visible, applicable, and relevant, while honoring our humanity in the process, unleashes learning potential and creates more possibilities for our adult and student learners. I emphasize learning for our whole community because the teaching and learning brain exists within an interactive and dynamic process that includes adults and students, and is always operating from the beginning to the closing of our school day.

Our teachers, administrators, staff, and students, through learning and practice, come to understand and embrace the importance and impact of developing self-awareness of how we lead, teach, learn, play, and connect with others. As a school, we also know that culture and context matters, and is at the root of our ability to create a strong, caring learning environment here at school and beyond. Ultimately, it is our responsibility to use our power as educators to shape, co-create, and imagine with our students, how we can be more generative, resourceful advocates for bringing forth more equity, love, and possibility in the spaces and places we influence.

We learned through the pandemic, that with all of our human flaws and struggles, our super power is our ability to adapt, to listen, and to collaborate, often seamlessly, and transparently, with each other, while guided by our mission and values. We have a deep well of innovative teachers, administrators and staff who believe in our mission to educate our students with the overall goal to connect the mind and heart. Learning in a democracy means grappling with different perspectives, learning to think critically and compassionately, and understanding the role and responsibility that each of us has to imagine, create, practice essential skills, develop the mindsets and skill sets that allows us to better navigate and impact a diverse, complicated, and changing world.

Warm Regards,
Kim Ridley, Head of School

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Fayerweather is a private PreK, kindergarten, elementary and middle school. We engage each child’s intellect.