At Fayerweather Street School we understand the impact of developing a sense of purpose within our students. We know that purpose has to be modeled, cultivated, and practiced. As last year’s eighth graders (class of 2019) took the stage to talk about their time at Fayerweather, what I heard, loud and clear, is that our students were leaving us with a sense of purpose, passion, and a strong belief in themselves and the power of community. Purpose is further reflected in the way our educators deeply understand how their identities intersect with the identities of their students, as classrooms are socially dynamic places that replicate the communities we all live in.

Educators know that how they engage with students influences the way they come to see themselves and experience the world around them. Teachers often describe their work as a calling. In the broadest sense, they know the enormous power, challenge, and responsibility they have in shaping the thinking, experience, and outcomes for our students. Students, in partnership with their teachers, are exposed to a myriad of opportunities that helps them to gain insight into what they value, how they learn best, and the importance of self advocacy. Our goal is to develop empathetic, resourceful, and confident students who are motivated to learn.

Our school’s mission reflects the value we place on learning within the context of community. The most worthwhile and authentic learning takes place through the interactions, ideas, and expertise, and life journeys that exist between the staff, parents, and students. Fayerweather’s progressive philosophy, since its inception, emphasizes the importance of belonging, play, creativity, experiential and child directed learning as foundational to helping students to develop their sense of purpose. We believe in the transformational power of a small, intimate learning community that understands the strength of relationship in helping students to connect their heads and hearts.

Warm Regards,
Kim Ridley, Head of School

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Fayerweather is a private PreK, kindergarten, elementary and middle school. We engage each child’s intellect.