The goal of the studio art program at Fayerweather is for students to develop an appreciation for art, visual expression and imaginative thought. Students explore their own creative potential through a variety of media, techniques and materials, including painting, drawing, sculpting, clay work, printmaking, mask-making, pastels and three-dimensional design. Some projects are integrated with classroom studies and others are designed to encourage exploration and experimentation. All contribute to an understanding of the world we live in; what we see, hear, feel and interpret.

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  • Kindergarten - Grade 4

    In younger grades, students are introduced to exploratory exercises to increase their awareness of color, texture, energy and movement, composition, space and balance. They familiarize themselves with studio expectations and the use of basic materials. Projects include working with watercolor, papier-mâché, oil pastels, collage, clay, printmaking and masks.

    In third and fourth grades, students are introduced to a variety of techniques using familiar materials and are guided to develop more possibilities for artistic expression. Students are encouraged to take risks with materials and concepts. Individual ideas are honored, and the students have a chance to work on independent projects. Masks, clay work, collage, self-portraits and papier-mâché are some highlights.
  • Grades 5 - 8

    In the older grades, students continue to explore various media in deeper and more personal ways through artistic traditions around the world. Students learn about the use of symbolism in art through intentional projects such as Mandalas or Day of the Dead altar-making. Students in the seventh and eighth grades study art through an elective course and have the opportunity to extensively study a narrower discipline such as sculpture, oil painting, found-object assemblage or an integrated woodshop-art studio project.
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