The theories of Progressive Education have been part of the educational history of the United States for over 100 years. While the world is radically different today than it was in 1900, the core elements of what children need to learn and thrive have not changed. They need adults who know, understand and care about them, a sense of security and consistency, high expectations, and a healthy self-image. Progressive educators believe that children and teachers should work in partnership and dive deeply into subject matter in order to foster higher level problem solving and 21st century skills.

Social justice is also a core element of the progressive education philosophy, including understanding different perspectives, and caring about one’s community and the greater world. At Fayerweather, we believe that strong academics go hand in hand with a student’s social-emotional health, and therefore, are interwoven into every aspect of the school day.

While these elements of Progressive Education manifest in different ways for different age groups, the use of hands-on, project-based learning is almost always present. Fayerweather graduates are regularly recognized by their teachers as highly engaged students who elevate the level of conversation with different perspectives and ideas. Our graduates continue on to attend a wide array of public and private high schools, and their deep interests and higher level critical thinking skills propel them to assume leadership roles both in and outside the classroom.
Without my amazing teachers, I wouldn't be the hard working, risk taking, intelligent student I am now. They helped me solve math problems, write descriptively, know the periodic table, think outside the box, and even learn a new language.

-Fayerweather Graduate
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