Young children construct mathematical thinking by exploring, manipulating, sorting and classifying concrete objects. Our PreK and Kindergarten classrooms are full of opportunities for children to interact with a wide variety of manipulatives and materials. These hands-on experiences are the building blocks upon which children approach basic math concepts such as one-to-one correspondence, counting, numbers, comparative size, capacity and quantity. Through these experiences our youngest students learn to see math in all environments and see themselves as math experts.

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  • PreK

    Math is everywhere and the PreK classroom is no exception. Opportunities to explore quantity and spatial relations abound from “shelf work” that helps children solidify one-to-one correspondence with numbers one through ten, to block building, puzzle making, and sand and water play. Children sort, classify and order objects by size while also experimenting with pattern. All of these experiences set the stage for more sophisticated concepts, as well as instilling an understanding that math is everywhere and is fun!
  • Kindergarten

    In the Kindergarten classroom, math is integrated throughout the day. Working at the sensory table with different materials supports concepts of volume and capacity; cooking teaches measurement; and blocks, puzzles, building and art materials provide children opportunities to explore spatial relations. Counting and comparing groups foster understanding in early addition and subtraction. Students develop simple surveys and make one-to-one graphs as a way to analyze data. Weekly activities in the math area introduce mathematical concepts and provide exploration and practice through games, working with manipulatives, pencil and paper work and number writing practice.

Curriculum Sample

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  • One-to-one correspondence

  • Non-standard units of measure

  • Simple patterns

  • Sorting, classifying and sequencing

  • 2-D and 3-D shapes

  • Simple surveys and graphs

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