What do Milton Hersey, Iris Apfel and John Coltrane have in common? They all made an appearance at Fayerweather and shared their stories at our Biographies All-School Meeting. The Biographies Project is an in-depth six-week project in which fifth and sixth grade students choose a noteworthy person to research and embody.

To do their research, the class visits the Cambridge city library where students become familiar with how to use web-based and book-based resources. Back at school, our librarian teaches students how to take and organize notes and write a paper. The result is a thoughtfully researched “autobiography” written in the voice of their character.

On the appointed day, students come to school, dressed in character and share their story with the entire community at our All-School Meeting. This is followed by a Living Wax Museum, where they answer questions from the Fayerweather community. As they race around collecting autographs from the famous guests, it’s not unusual to hear the youngest children discussing with friends who they will be when they are big kids in the fifth and sixth grades. Seventh and eighth graders ask challenging questions and reminisce about their experiences when they completed the project just a few years earlier.
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