The 1960s was a turbulent time for the United States. Disturbed by longstanding patterns of injustice, many Americans came to question the social norms that governed everyday life. Young people, in particular, challenged traditional institutions, but also eagerly explored new ideas and unconventional learning opportunities. 

Here in Cambridge, many parents and children rebelled against the limited goals and rigid practice of traditional public schools. They turned with renewed interest to the ideas of earlier progressive educators and scholars such as John Dewey (1852-1952), Maria Montessori (1870-1952), and Jean Piaget (1896-1980). It is in this context that Fayerweather Street School was born.

Lesley College had recently closed its lab school, leaving a group of parents looking for another school. The solution, as it turned out, was to start their own. Fayerweather opened its doors in September 1967, with four teachers and 73 students, ranging from age five to thirteen. Today Fayerweather has 195 students and 50 faculty and staff. 

List of 12 items.

  • 1967

    Fayerweather opens!
  • 1969

    Building at 74R Fayerweather Street purchased
  • 1982

    Fourth floor gym added to the building
  • 1983

    Teacher, Eric Rofes, and his students, write and publish The Kid’s Book of Divorce
  • 1984

  • 1998

    Afterschool Band plays first annual Mother’s Day show at Johnny D’s in Somerville
  • 1999

    Fayerweather moves to its current location of 765 Concord Avenue
  • 2003

    Ramp to Rafferty Park completed, new Science Lab opened
  • 2004

    Annual tradition of Fayerweather participating in the Boston Pride Parade begun
  • 2006

    $2.1 million renovation and expansion project is completed
  • 2008

    Interscholastic sports teams are launched
  • 2014

Fayerweather Street School | 765 Concord Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138 | 617-876-4746
Fayerweather is a private PreK, kindergarten, elementary and middle school. We engage each child’s intellect.