Spanish in the early elementary grades builds upon the foundations established in PreK and Kindergarten, where language learning is fun and engaging. Through a spiral curriculum of increasingly more complex vocabulary and content, students solidify their understanding of Spanish words, as they develop the capacity and confidence to begin speaking more in a foreign language. Students learn songs and develop skits that they perform in the cultural celebrations of the Spanish-speaking world.

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  • Grades 1 & 2

    First and second graders are immersed in the Spanish-speaking world by having class often almost exclusively in Spanish. Class is lively, full of theater, games, music and props to aid children’s understanding. Our focus is to help children gain an appreciation for learning a foreign language while building readily useful vocabulary, enabling students to begin to speak in simple phrases. First and second graders develop strong receptive vocabularies as they build their ability and confidence to speak. There is also a cultural component taught in English about the cultures and customs of Mexico and Latin America.
  • Grades 3 & 4

    The third and fourth graders continue to build their skills through speaking, singing, games and skits. Using iPads, students also receive immediate feedback on vocabulary and oral skills through applications such as Duolingo, FunSpanish, Quizlet and Sock Puppets. Third and fourth graders begin to develop their reading and writing skills through picture books and written dialogue, which they practice with classmates. Their exposure to the Spanish-speaking world is broadened by watching short documentaries about different cultures and by creating in-school cultural celebrations.

Curriculum Sample

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  • Basic and advanced vocabulary

  • Cultural studies

  • Dialogue

  • Games and singing

  • Greetings

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