Oscar and His Wilde Tales

Welcome, everyone, to Fayerweather Street School’s production of Oscar and His Wilde Tales: A Collection of Oscar Wilde's Short Stories, Adapted and Dramatized by Bella Tasha. Every year the 7th and 8th grades, collectively known as the “Unit,” put on a play. This is Fayerweather’s 28th year doing a Unit Play. We are pleased to welcome back Emily Grove in her fifth year as Director. We are also excited to welcome back Julie Winslow as Musical Director and Composer and Bella Tasha as Production Stage Manager and Dramatist to complete the Creative Team. Thank you so much for coming. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the play!

  • The Selfish Giant

    The Selfish Giant

    Spring - Jasmine DiModica, Winter - Ali Shareef, Gwen - Clara Golinsmith, Cecily - Nyemah Ayala, Dolly - Erin Campbell, Oscar -, Hanna Meshoulam, Giant - Moss Selman, Frost - Isaac Morris, Northern Winds - Sadie Darrah, Hail - Zora Flint-Somerville
  • The Devoted Friend

    The Devoted Friend

    Miller - Margot Colvard, Baker - Clara Golinsmith, Son - Nick Stauffer, Spring - Jasmine DiModica Little, Hans - Anya Hersh, Winter - Ali Shareef, Doctor - Solveig Smiles, Blacksmith - Luc Clemenceau, Butcher - Moss Selman, Inn Keeper - Alice Zickler, Playwright - Hanna Meshoulam, Woodcutter - Andrew Thomson
  • The Star Child_1

    The Star Child

    - Milo Kochansky, Reed - Erin Campbell, Nightingale - Zora Flint-Somerville, Wolf - Solveig Smiles, Cat - Sadie Darrah, Woodcutter - Andrew Thomson, Winter - Ali Shareef, Spring - Jasmine DiModica, Star Child - Jaden Morris, Rosalie - Juliana Lucero, Beggar Woman, Amalthea - Kavita Naker-Michau, Stern Guard - Owen Smith, Gentle Guard - Nick Stauffer, Magician - Isaac Morris, Hare - Clara Golinsmith

  • The Happy Prince

    The Happy Prince

    - Erin Campbell, Starling - Alice Zickler, Robin - Nick Stauffer, Winter - Ali Shareef, Spring - Jasmine DiModica, Mayor - Milo Kochansky, Sensible Father - Moss Selman, School Child - Nyemah Ayala, Playwright - Hanna Meshoulam, Sick Child - Owen Smith, Teacher - Kavita Naker-Michau, Happy Prince - Sadie Darrah, Young Prince - Desmond Long, Princess - Clara Golinsmith, Mother - Solveig Smiles, Matchstick Girl - Juliana Lucero

  • The Nightingale and the Rose

    The Nightingale and the Rose

    - Hanna Meshoulam, Young Prince - Desmond Long, Nightingale - Zora Flint-Somerville, Reed - Erin Campbell, Mole - Milo Kochansky, Cat - Sadie Darrah, Hare - Clara Golinsmith


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  • A Note from Emily Grove, Director 

    Welcome back to Fayerweather’s annual Unit Play! It is so thrilling to be able to finally have live theatre back at Fayerweather after the two years of creative solutions and problem-solving that helped to keep this tradition alive. This year it was important for us to create a piece of theatre that our entire community could enjoy. Something uplifting, joyous, playful, bittersweet, and full of love. To accomplish this goal, we knew we had to create a piece of our own, and so, we turned to Oscar Wilde as our source of inspiration. Wilde’s numerous short stories and poems served as our key text. The stories focus on themes of selflessness, friendship, forgiveness, sacrifice, and love. These ideas are universal and can allow us to reconnect with one another. 

    The goal of the Unit Play is to allow students the opportunity to explore all facets of theatre and to take creative risks in a medium that might be new to them. This year our ensemble worked alongside myself, Bella, and Julie as we fine-tuned the script and music. Since our playwright, Bella, was in the room, students could offer feedback and edits on their lines right in the moment. Having this direct influence allowed students to be an integral part of the character development process. Additionally, students worked hard on design elements. They thoughtfully pulled together costume elements and even stayed late after rehearsal to paint the set. 

    Please join me in celebrating our actors, technicians, and musicians for their creativity and dedication to our play. To Bella and Julie for their endless ingenuity, leadership, and humor - thank you. To the administrative team and Fayerweather staff who have provided us with all of the resources necessary so that we could bring live theatre back safely - thank you. Lastly, to the parents, families, and FSS community members who have volunteered their time and have supported these young artists every step of the way - thank you. 

    Enjoy the show!
  • A Note from Bella Tasha, Dramatist 

    It is very exciting to introduce a new piece of theatre into the world, and it is a little scary too. This play is rooted in the Fayerweather community, this moment in time, and the dedication of our ensemble, play team, parent volunteers, staff, and faculty. I am grateful to be sharing it with you today. 

    I was inspired by the creativity and ingenuity of the Unit Play creation last year over Zoom through classes and script rehearsals. This year, as we prepared to be together in person for the play, I wanted to bring over the ability to adapt our play to suit the needs of the moment and the community. I think the best way to do this is to collaborate with students throughout the writing process. 

    This year we will be performing a new original play, adapted and dramatized by me, Bella Tasha, and everyone who suggested changing a line, improvised new lines, asked for more lines, wanted a more in depth understanding of a character, defined a rule of magic, pointed out a plot-hole, or asked me a question about the play that I hadn't thought about before. 

    Oscar and His Wilde Tales is inspired by Oscar Wilde’s most famous short stories and a number of poems. These stories have been woven into one interconnected world where the stories unfold over a number of years. We see characters grow, change, move, and disappear. Each play maintains its original uniqueness while working together to tell our story. As we bring Wilde’s tales to life, we explore themes of sacrifice, generosity, love, hope, and forgiveness through a strong focus of ensemble storytelling and performance. Wilde was not known for his optimism. A challenge in creating this piece was to balance his historically renowned cynicism while pulling out the veiled, hidden, and sometimes cherished hope that I see in his work. 

    Wilde was a poet, playwright, novelist in the late nineteenth century. He experienced both great popularity and harsh criticism of his vast body of work. He was considered an eccentric person at this time. He often clashed with the stringent societal norms of Victorian England. Wilde’s sexuality has been subject to speculation through modern history, as he was unable to come out publicly under the threat of legal and social repercussions. Our understanding is that he was a gay man. In 1895 he was put on trial for “gross indecency,” as homosexuality was a criminal offense at this time. He was posthumously pardoned in 2017. Oscar Wilde’s work has continued in popularity and he remains an important LGBTQ+ icon in the arts world. 

    In adapting, one has a responsibility to uncover core themes and ideas, while leaving dated ideology in the past. As with much of historical fiction, there are harmful stereotypes in some of Wilde's work. As a creative team, Emily, Julie, and myself had many conversations to ensure we had removed language that was not in agreement with our values and the values of Fayerweather Street School.
  • A Note from Julie Winslow, Music Director 

    Creating the musical accompaniment for Oscar and His Wilde Tales was a collaborative endeavor. The musicians and I worked together to craft two original songs based on the interests and strengths of the group. The instrumentalists were integral to creating the arrangement of all the songs, and the singers helped to craft melodies and rhymes that worked for their style and voices. In addition, as a nod to the play's inspiration, Oscar Wilde, we picked covers that featured the word "Wild" to sprinkle throughout our five short plays. It was truly a pleasure to work with such a talented group of artists! 
Music Ensemble 
  • Bass - Sophie Ngowi 
  • Guitar - Milo Kochansky 
  • Percussion - Moss Selman 
  • Ukulele - Cam Firouzbakht 
Technical Ensemble 
  • Assistant Stage Management & Run Crew: Cam Firouzbakht, Tenzin Lhamo, Nate Magoun, Jonah Stark, and Sophie Upton 
  • Costume Run Crew: Nia Dunlap, Alexandra Henchman-Biel , Priscilla Regalado 
Production Team 
  • Director - Emily Grove 
  • Music Director - Julie Winslow 
  • Stage Manager - Bella Tasha 
  • Technical Director & Coordinator - Rob Lee 
  • Theatrical Design - Emily Grove and Bella Tasha 
  • Mask Design - Lara Williams 
  • Sound Engineer - Mike MacGillivray 
  • Poster Design - Erin Campbell 
  • Program Design - Emily Grove 
  • Box Office: Eve Alpern, Lucy Bunning, Deb Cunningham, and Barb Pearlman 
  • Backstage Help: Becca Lowenhaupt, Brenda Morris, Emily Newmann, and Zoe Stark 
  • Set Construction & Scenic Painting - Unit Play Families

Co-devised by Julie Winslow with Jasmine DiModica, Milo Kochanksy, Moss Selman, Ali Shareef, Sophie Ngowi, and Alice Zickler. Featuring original text by Oscar Wilde. 

"Nightingale Song" 
Written by Julie Winslow and featuring original poetry by Oscar Wilde. 

"Born to be Wild" 

"Wild One" 
Green Day 

"Wild World" 
Cat Stevens 

"Wildest Dreams" 
Taylor Swift 

Tom Petty
Special Thanks!

The cast and crew would like to thank all of the many volunteers for their contributions to make this production possible. They provided essential help with building the set, procuring costumes and props, helping with tech rehearsals, organizing dinners, and countless other tasks. Members of our community that deserve special recognition: Unit Teachers, Rob Lee, Charlie McDermott, Bran Trice, Lara Williams, Jean Junior Numa, Eric Collins, Jess Ciardi, and Andrew Campion. As well as those outside of Fayerweather that offered their help and services: Casey Blackbird, of Greater Boston Stage Company, Adelaide Majeski of Clark School, Carrie Grove & Sara Capello of TPI Solutions Ink. Finally, special thanks to the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency, which provided generous grant funding for this production.

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