Learning Through Projects

Children learn best when they are engaged in meaningful, in-depth studies that relate to the real world. Doing so enables them to connect their own life experiences with what they are learning in class. At Fayerweather we do this by choosing projects which allow students to explore a variety of content and topics pertinent to their age group  (birds, cities, Africa, immigration) and then engage students in the thematic topic using a variety of modalities. Learning through projects allows students to construct their understanding from the bottom up — making it meaningful and expansive. Learning is based on students’ questions, trial and error and application of understanding. Students work individually, in pairs and small groups. Projects culminate with students sharing their knowledge in many forms from producing a video or podcast, writing a research paper,  making an art collage, or a performance/reenactment. Their work is presented to their peers and often to the whole school. Because Fayerweather students have experience engaging in learning in many ways, they enter high school well-equipped to tackle complex long-term projects, both individually and with peers.
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