Education Leadership Team

The Educational Leadership Team was created in the fall of 2016 to consolidate the decision making structure at Fayerweather.  The team includes the Head of School, Assistant Head of School, and the School Counselor. The team meets weekly to address questions or concerns brought from the staff and coordinates efforts to ensure consistency in instruction, a positive school climate, and that we are effectively meeting individual student needs.  The team structure encourages different perspectives and leverages individual strengths and leadership styles.

Board of Directors

Fayerweather Street School is governed by the Board of Directors, which plays a key role in establishing the school’s mission, vision, strategic goals, and policies. There are four operational committees, the Executive, Finance, Governance and Nominating Committees, which assist in oversight and provide an operational structure for the functioning of the Board.

The Board is comprised primarily of current and past parents with expertise in various fields including finance, business, development, education, architecture, medicine, and law. All parents in the school are members of the Fayerweather Street School Corporation, and the Corporation is responsible for electing new Board members each spring.
Amy Abelove
David Allan
Emily Anderson
Michelle Apigian
Pete Bell
Carolyn Bloomberg-O’Brien
Abby Branch
Lance Conrad
Ben Dunlap
Anne Ellsworth
Therese Hendricks
Laura Johnson
Rebecca Lowenhaupt
Lauren Magoun
Lauren Mueller
Lia Novotny
Courtney Quinn
Carolina Sadowski
Lauren Stewart
Dorla White-Simpson
Lisette Zinner

Executive Committee

Courtney Quinn
Amy Abelove
Vice President
Ben Dunlap
Lauren Magoun

Lia Novotny
Member at Large
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