The elementary years at Fayerweather are a time for exploring new worlds and ideas, honing skills, mastering challenges and enjoying the give and take of relationships. Our mixed-age classrooms and project-based curricula are designed to foster collaboration, build a sense of community and allow children to learn from one another. A critical aspect of students’ learning is also reflecting on their own learning styles, process and work, by way of peer review, conferences with teachers and portfolio development.

Projects are often hands-on and open-ended, allowing teachers to individually challenge students to extend their work and thinking. Interdisciplinary themes bring a richness and depth to content as students learn about themselves, their cultures and place in history and the natural world around them. Theme work integrates literacy and mathematics with social studies and science in relevant ways. Students also develop reading, writing and math skills through direct instruction, such as grade-level math groups, reading groups, independent reading, writer’s workshop and individual folder work.

Homework begins in third grade and students are supported as they begin to take responsibility for planning their time, and organizing and approaching their work thoughtfully.
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Fayerweather is a private PreK, kindergarten, elementary and middle school. We engage each child’s intellect.