Fifth graders continue to build vocabulary and grammar, construct conversations, create and perform skits through the use of different instructional methodologies. These methods include Total Physical Response where vocabulary is coupled with movement and by Organic World Language. Vocabulary and content are drawn from students’ interests, and iPad applications such as Duolingo, Quizlet and FunSpanish.

The objective of the sixth through eighth grade Spanish program is to develop proficiency in the speaking and understanding of Spanish through an integrated study of culture, history, literature, visual and musical arts. Students spend class time listening and speaking, conversing in small groups and writing sentences of increasing sophistication. Classes also focus on listening and building fluency through role-playing, recorded conversations and films.

In sixth through eighth grades, the text, ¡En Espanol!, is used as a background support for learning along with Total Physical Response and Organic World Language. By the end of eighth grade, all students will have completed the equivalent of Spanish I and should be eligible for Spanish I Honors or Spanish II in high school.

Curriculum Samples

List of 5 items.

  • Cultural studies

  • Grammar and pronunciation

  • Oral practice and conversations

  • Skills for reading in Spanish

  • Written conversations

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