Our shop:

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  • empowers students as designers and builders

  • encourages thoughtful decision-making

  • fosters confidence as students plan and carry a project through to completion

  • inspires students to think in original ways about materials, valuing the process of creating, as well as the product made

  • expands the typical definition of woodshop to a laboratory for exploring materials and ideas

  • promotes cooperation as students work together

Students in all grades pursue projects of their own choosing. This open curriculum is designed to motivate students while promoting creativity and independence in the shop.

In their early years, students are taught to safely use the most basic tools, such as the sanding block, hand drill, hammer, coping saw and rasp. Over the years, as students’ skills improve, and as their projects become more complex, they are taught more sophisticated techniques. In the fifth and sixth grades, additional hand tools, such as gouges and pull saws, are introduced, as well as the drill press. Students in the seventh and eighth grades may use the bandsaw, scroll saw and sabre saw, when necessary.

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