Social and emotional development is at the core of learning at Fayerweather. We recognize that each child is a unique individual and we emphasize pro-social behavior, respect for one another, negotiating and collaborating, and citizenship in a community. We teach children to know themselves, and be confident, caring, respectful members of their local communities and the world.

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  • PreK through Grade 2

    From the very beginning we support our children's gradually widening social-emotional understanding from self and family to the school community and beyond. Children in PreK and K practice sharing and negotiating conflict, as they develop their social skills. First and second graders increasingly become self-sufficient and flourish by engaging in cooperative projects and independent studies. There are many organic and purposeful opportunities to explore who we are as a group and as individuals. It is our goal to create an atmosphere where each child knows they are valued both as an individual and as an integral part of the whole.
  • Grades 3 & 4

    As children approach the middle elementary years, they are beginning their journey towards independent and higher level thinking. They are moving from the literal to the abstract and expanding their horizons from a self-centered focus to a broader awareness of others. Students learn to communicate and compromise with their peers, share their work, and formally present individually and as a group.
  • Grades 5 & 6

    Fifth and sixth graders are increasingly intellectual, skilled at considering multiple perspectives and more attuned to events in their community and the wider world. Students are introduced to Growth Education, where they learn about health and human sexuality. Our curriculum focuses on students’ own questions about physical development and social emotional issues typical of these years.
  • Grades 7 & 8

    As the oldest students, the seventh and eighth graders are given increased independence and responsibility. They are involved in community service throughout the school allowing them the opportunity to develop their leadership skills. The social development of seventh and eighth graders is also marked by their entrance into puberty and all of the physical, emotional and social facets of this phase of their life. Students meet weekly for Growth Education, where topics are designed to help students understand themselves and others as part of a larger human community.
At Fayerweather, learning and school are not stressful endeavors, but enjoyable, important parts of a responsible life.
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Fayerweather is a private PreK, kindergarten, elementary and middle school. We engage each child’s intellect.