2022-2023 Tuition & Fees

PreK (5 full days) $29,950
Transitional Kindergarten $30,700
Kindergarten $31,450
Grade 1 $32,950
Grade 2 $33,950
Grade 3 $35,150
Grade 4 $36,350
Grade 5 $37,550
Grade 6 $38,550
Grade 7 $39,750
Grade 8 $39,950

Extended Day

In general, the Extended Day Program provides care for children in grades PreK through grade 8. The program runs from dismissal – 6:00 p.m. Extended Day is divided into three separate programs serving PreK-2, Grades 3-4, and Grades 5-8.

In addition to the regular Extended Day program, there are a range of extracurricular activities offered throughout the school year. These include our intramural sports teams, various clubs led by both students and staff, STEM classes, theatre offerings, and more! Both Extended Day students and other FSS students may participate in these programs.

Average Pricing for Extended Day for a full school year:
  • 1 day per week: $1,700/year
  • 2 days per week: $3,200/year
  • 3 days per week: $4,600/year
  • 4 days per week: $5,900/year
  • 5 days per week: $7,000/year
Click here to learn more about our Extended Day program.

Commitment to Access

At Fayerweather we are committed to keeping our school affordable to families of different economic means, believing that socio-economic diversity is an important component of our mission. We work closely with each family to do our best to make tuition and a Fayerweather education within reach for as many applicants as possible. Extracurricular activities and extended care are pro-rated at approximately the same level as tuition. In the 2022-23 school year, Fayerweather allocated more than $1,200,000 to a program of need-based tuition assistance. This year 30% of the student body will receive tuition assistance. The average aid amount is approximately $21,000.

Tuition Assistance FAQ

List of 4 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: How are aid amounts determined?

    To help us objectively assess what a family is able to contribute to tuition expenses, Fayerweather uses a third-party financial aid system, School and Student Services (SSS) developed by the National Association of Independent Schools. SSS provides a top-level estimate of what a family may be able to afford for tuition, based on an assessment of both annual earnings and other family assets. SSS gives us the foundation for an “apples-to-apples” assessment of each family’s financial needs — but it is just one piece of the award determination process. In calculating each award, we also take into consideration our annual tuition assistance budget; the total financial aid applications (both school-wide and by grade level), previous-year awards, and other financial information. For all of these reasons, our school may ask your family to contribute more or less to tuition than what is estimated by the SSS analysis.
  • Q: How does a family apply for tuition assistance?

    To begin, families must complete a Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) with SSS by February 1. For divorced or separated families, both parents must submit PFSs. SSS also asks for additional financial documentation, such as tax returns and W-2 forms.

  • Q: What are the policies for previous aid recipients and siblings?

    FSS has a commitment to continue aid for returning students whose families remain within the eligibility guidelines. Once a student has enrolled in the school and is receiving tuition assistance, FSS does its best to continue to meet the family’s tuition assistance needs. As family circumstances change, tuition assistance awards may be adjusted up or down accordingly. Our commitment to financial aid extends to siblings of current students who will be entering FSS.
  • Q: Questions?

    If you have any questions about the school’s tuition assistance program, please contact Charlie McDermott, Director of Finance and Operations at (617) 876-4746, ext. 715. All tuition assistance information will be treated as strictly confidential.

Admission Timeline

At this time, we have limited availability in select grade levels for Fall 2023. If you are curious to know more about these options, please email our Admissions Office directly: admit@fayerweather.org. 

Otherwise, we look forward to engaging more extensively with you in September as we prepare for our Fall 2024 cycle.
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