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  • January

    Building a “Path to Zero” Together

    Michael Bowler, Assistant Head of School
    Greeting students at morning drop-off this week felt extra-special. There was a special kind of energy in the building this week as students were reunited with classmates and teachers after a winter break and a remote week tied to the necessary testing protocols to ensure a healthy and safe return to school. I know for our older students, they are still eagerly awaiting this reunion with teachers and friends next week. These joyful moments of socialization and learning are happening around campus because of the strong infection-control and mitigation efforts the school has put into place. These mitigation efforts depend on a deep level of trust and communication that exists between families and the school. But that doesn’t mean it has been easy to get to this moment, or that it wasn’t without its share of concern and worry. 
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  • Confronting Our Long-Standing National Identity Crisis

    Kim Ridley, Head of School

    Dear Fayerweather Community,

    Our country is finally confronting our long-standing identity crisis! Who are we? Who is American? Who truly has the power in America? Who has been told they have some power, but now feel they have been minoritized? What does it mean to feel minoritized? What does it feel like to be lied to about who you truly are? What are the historical currents that are foundational to this very moment in time?  I had originally written some reflections on technology. The blog was entitled, “The Problem with Technology.”  Instead I want to say, “thank God for technology” because it has nudged some of us out of a deep sleep (or lack of awareness) into a place of looking in the mirror, and for others, raising our awareness, understanding, and curiosity. And yet, for some of us this reckoning is a confirmation of what we have been feeling and experiencing our whole lives. This is an opportunity for us as a country to move away from overly simplistic thinking about these issues to realizing the complexity that is underneath the above stated questions, and what is at the heart of the actions taken at the Capitol last evening!
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