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  • September

    Got Problems? We have a curriculum for that: Fayerweather’s journey to a problem-based math curriculum

    From Michael Bowler, Assistant Head of School
    I bet most of us adults have some pretty strong memories (and maybe even emotions) about our math education growing up. Mine, thankfully, were mostly positive. I remember I had the ability to compute fast, and I loved the satisfaction of getting the “right answer.” My teachers noticed these qualities in me, and I remember knowing they (and my peers) thought I was “smart” and “strong” as a math student. In some ways, these positive messages and my quest to solve things correctly propelled me to success; I was a straight “A” student, and I had the opportunity to take Calculus in high school (which was not as commonplace as it is now). As I ventured off to college, I thought that maybe I would even be a math major. 
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  • Welcome Back!

    Kim Ridley, Head of School
    Dear Fayerweather Families,

    We are looking forward to seeing you soon. The floors have been stripped and waxed, the rugs shampooed, the furniture cleaned, and we are completing our summer renovation project. We are getting our house in order for a new school year!
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  • June

    Courtney Quinn, FSS Board Chair

    Graduation 2022 - Courtney Quinn's Remarks

    Good morning Fayerweather! I’m Courtney Quinn, the chair of Fayerweather’s Board and also a Fayerweather parent - and I am so very honored to be here as part of our celebration of our new graduates.

    8th graders, graduates, friends, despite all the barriers that the pandemic has thrown at you - including literally a barrier covering your nose and mouth - you have come through so much to arrive at this moment, and I feel such gratitude, such awe. 
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  • Head of School, Kim Ridley

    Graduation 2022 - Kim Ridley's Remarks

    On behalf of the 8th Grade Class, teachers, staff, administrators, the Board of Directors, the Board Chair, Courtney Quinn, Parents, and friends of Fayerweather Street School. Welcome to this celebration of the learning, growth, and accomplishments of our 8th-grade students. I love feeling the excitement and promise of this moment. I want you to think about the word “choice.” Choice is a concept that we deeply believe in and is a tenet of progressive education. You often might hear us say, “we want students to have choices in their learning.”
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  • Kim and Unit students from their recent Unit trip to Martha's Vineyard!

    End of the Year Reflections

    Kim Ridley, Head of School
    Wow, we made it to the end of the school year! This year we witnessed children rebounding from the impact, challenges, and transitions over the years due to COVID. This year's focus was on re-building the school by constantly adapting to our students' evolving social-emotional and academic needs and those of the overall community. Along the way, we identified new rituals and routines. Even though we continue to be impacted by significant shifts in our social, political, economic, environmental, and cultural landscapes, we managed to get through the school year with most students feeling a sense of normalcy. For that, I am thankful.
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  • May

    Imagining Transformation

    Kim Ridley, Head of School
    On the day of the Uvalde murders, I was on my way to Branch Line, a restaurant located in Watertown, to meet another school administrator, and happened to be listening to WBUR. When I heard the news, I felt numb mixed with a surge of anxiety that felt like a shooting pain in my heart. Later that evening, I was up most of the night reading news clips online and checking out various news platforms. I woke up on Wednesday thinking about Fayerweather and tried to imagine how I would respond to such an overwhelmingly tragic situation. Pulling up to school during morning drop-off and seeing the doors of the school wide-open and our bustling community of parents, staff, and students milling about, I had the urge to fence us all in to protect us from the unknown. I know that does not work, nor is it the right thing to do, but the urge is strong and the anxiety palpable.
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  • April

    Reflections on the AISNE Accreditation Process

    Kim Ridley, Head of School
    April break marks the time of the year that we think about how to wrap up learning. We are trying to include all of the important things we want students to know and learn through projects, reflective assignments, and fun experiences. The 2021-2022 school year has been a challenging year on many levels, from parents not being able to come into the building to children re-adjusting to being together in classrooms. Decision-making around COVID, as well as constantly adjusting health and safety protocols and policies are experienced by some in our community as frustrating and anxiety-provoking, while others are just rolling with the punches. It has been challenging to move the school forward when students, parents, teachers, and staff are exhausted from two years or more of the pandemic.
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  • March

    (Left) Darla in 4th grade preparing for the annual Pride ASM, (Middle) Darla right before her 8th grade graduation, and (Right) Darla today!

    A Leap of Faith Rewarded

    From Lia Taniguchi, Current Parent, Alum Parent, and Board Member
    Thirteen years ago, I went looking for a school for my four-year-old daughter, Darla. Like any parent, I knew her to be a brilliant, extraordinary child destined for greatness. My hopes were for intellectual and academic challenges in a kind and supportive environment.

    What Fayerweather gave her was much more – and very different – than I had anticipated. 
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  • February

    My Reckoning with Black History Month

    Kim Ridley, Head of School
    It is February again, meaning it’s time to celebrate Black History. Admittedly, not all aspects of Black History month as it is defined resonates with me, as I feel conflicted that the recognition of my peoples’ history is relegated to this short month. I am encouraged that Fayerweather School studies Black history throughout the year. Yet I struggle with the February celebration of our achievements. United States history should reflect the contributions and cultural influences of human beings from all over our planet, but sadly, even today, many of those cultural influences and stories are left to the margins and assigned to days, weeks, and months. 
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  • January

    Feeling More Emotional Than Usual - And That’s Ok

    From Courtney Quinn, FSS Board Chair
    As my kids headed into school yesterday, raincoats stuffed in backpacks, loathed KN95s firmly pulled up, a notification popped up on my phone, from an astrology app I downloaded ages ago: “Today you might be feeling more emotional than usual.” 

    I laughed, and then cried, just a little.
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