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Akey and the Kindergarten Toads Learn About Space

The Kindergarten Toads, along with Tara and Joanie, just completed several days of online learning. Each day they had 2 special visitors, a penguin named Akey Akeyevich (Ah-key Ah-key-ev-ich) and his snowy owl friend, Owl. Akey and Owl are very inquisitive. When they find something they like, they write a book about it. The Toads helped them write 3 books about space.
When Akey and Owl visited the International Space Station and Mars in their book, Akey and Owl Blast Off, the Toads drew pictures about where they would go in space and the adventures they would have. This inspired our feathered friends to go to Saturn. Did you know that Saturn has 82 moons?
In Akey and Owl Look at the Moon, they were surprised by what you can see in the moon’s shadows. There’s not just a man in the moon, there are rabbits, and a 3-legged frog. We listened to stories about them from Mexico and China told by Olga Loya and Eth-Noh-Tec.
Joanie has helped bring this story project to life as part of a collaborative book making experience for the Kindergarten Toads this year. You can find excerpts from the Akey and Owl’s adventures below.
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