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Contemplating COVID: A Virtual Lesson with Claire Dunbar

Aaron's 3/4 remote class last week was visited by special guest Claire Dunbar, a nurse practitioner, to talk about viruses and answer students' questions.
Claire answered kids questions such as: 
  • Does the coronavirus decide what to do? 
  • Does it have a mouth and eyes? 
  • Does it get born? 
  • What body part does it affect? 
  • Where does it come from and how is it made? 
She talked about how viruses are made out of fats (lipids) and proteins, which is why soap (which disrupts fats) is good at destroying the virus. The class looked at the shape of the virus, noticing that the cross-section looks like a crown, which is why it's called a "Corona (crown)" virus. Claire also explained that because the virus is new to the world, no one had any immunity to it, which made it more contagious and spread quickly.
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