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Lights, Camera, Sounds!

Every other year the 3/4 grade music classes embark on a Film Scoring project. Students begin by choosing a short film, the basic criteria being that it is essentially non-verbal and would lend itself well to a variety of sound effects.
Students have never see these films with sound and they watch them silently; already starting to imagine soundtracks. During this exploratory phase, students learn about Foley artists, famous film scorers, and the power of music to evoke emotion in film.
Once the film is chosen, the actions in the film are broken down into a script, and students work in small groups to write down what instruments would make the best sound for each action. Students have free range of almost all the instruments in the music room, and even some unconventional ones like balloons! The groups come back together to share their findings, and decide which sounds they all like the best.
After the scrips for each film are complete, the class performs them at All School Meeting for the whole school.
This year, the students chose a variety of short films from Pixar to score. Here you can see their scoring of the 2017 Pixar short film, Lou.
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