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Kindergarten Post Office

The Kindergarten Post Office will open this week and we welcome you to be part of this grand FSS tradition! Simply write letters and pop them into one of the four mailboxes in the hallways of the school.
If you see young kindergarten postal workers - in uniforms - feel free to say "Hi!" and to thank them for their service! We will do deliveries this year on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.
Here is some information that may help: 
NEW Zip Codes this year:
08PK              Pre-K
03K                Kindergarten
01TA              Tracey/Ami
02ML             Mark/Lauren 
09AD             Aaron/Diana
010EN           Eric/Nabia
011CS           Cindy/Sarah
020CA           Chrissi/Abby
033ST            Unit – Scot
032CN           Unit – Carolyn
031JN            Unit – Jenn
019ST            Unit - Stacey
028KT            Unit – Kate
0SR                Specialists and Resource
0-OFFICE       Admin and Extended Day

How To Address The Mail
Return Address
  • In the upper left corner, write your name, your classroom/office, and your zip code.
  • In the center of the envelope, write the name – first and last (or last initial), the classroom/office, and the zip code.
  • Place or draw a stamp in the upper right corner.
  • Free stamps made by the K are available from the Front Desk
Thank you for participating in our school-wide post office!
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