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Cooking for Community Cooks and Friday Cafe

Fayerweather is piloting a project to help feed the food insecure people in Cambridge and plan to cook for an event called Friday Cafe once per month.
As part of our theme of Building Community from the Inside Out, our idea is that we can build our own community by coming together to cook and build the larger community by helping to feed and get to know our Cambridge neighbors. The event takes place on Fridays at First Church in Harvard Square from 1-4 pm. All are welcome to come and have lunch. This attracts more than 125+ people a week and the numbers are growing. One of our goals is to have groups of Unit students to participate by going and serving lunch and meeting the people who attend to give them a better understanding of what it means to help, and who the people are who might be food insecure.
Participants can cook whatever they would like, but need to properly label the dishes with ingredients in case people have allergies, dietary restrictions, etc. Participants are welcome to gather together to cook with each other, or families can cook on their own and bring the dishes in. 

Food can either be delivered directly to the church on the Thursday directly to First Church - 11 Garden Street - between 7:00 am and 9:30 pm, or before 11:00 am on Friday. Deliveries go to the kitchen. Or food can be dropped off at Fayerweather on Friday morning at drop off and we will have a volunteer drop food off (assuming someone signs up for this task).

This month we are having a free sign-up where anyone can participate. You can sign up to cook something on your own or get together with Fayerweather friends to cook together. Starting January, we are thinking we might have different classrooms adopt a month and get together with class families to do the cooking. Let me know what you think!

If you have any questions, contact Unit teacher Jennifer at

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