Fun Run

More than 200 community members helped kick off the school's 50th anniversary year on Saturday, September 16, 2017.  Great weather, BBQ buffet, live music by Dogs in a Pile, and birthday cake were enjoyed by all! Thanks to the participants and to those who worked behind the scenes on every last detail. 
Race Marshalls:
Florentien deRuiter
Courtney Quinn
Planning Committee:
Abby Branch
Florentien deRuiter
Erin McLaughlin
Courtney Quinn
Stacey Smiar
Course Volunteers:
Eve Alpern
Tom Bok
Ami Feldman
Brenda Morris
Diana Tatz
Dorla White-Simpson
Lucy Wittenberg
Event Volunteers:
Connie Biewald
Maxie Chambliss
Genie Dorman
Erin McLaughlin
Sarah Tahang-Bianco
EJ Long
Musical Entertainment:
Dogs in a Pile

Bruce Biewald
Isaac Biewald
Rob Lee
Kate Lee
Charlie McDermott
Jeannie Ramey
Ben Vigoda
James Wood
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