About the Campaign

During this campaign, every member of the Fayerweather community has an opportunity to join with the Board of Directors, current families, alumni, their families, and generous friends by investing in our engaged students and extraordinary faculty.

Our goals are simple: to position Fayerweather as a home of continuous innovation and vibrant promise, where students know themselves and become lifelong learners, unlocking their creativity to solve problems in our continually evolving world.

How will we achieve this? We have bold ideas!

Transitioning to Clean Energy

Target: $300,000+

Independent. Renewable. Sustainable. This summer, Fayerweather will install 313 solar panels that will immediately begin generating power. In the fall, look for a LCD panel showing a continuous feed of our energy generation!

Savings also start right away: $16,000 in the first year! And, over the life of the system, Fayerweather will realize as much as $92,000 by selling energy “back to the grid.” All in, the estimated return on our investment of $300,000 over 30 years equals:
  • $668,000 in utility savings
  • $92,000 of income from the Class 1 REC credits
  • $30,000 less in maintenance costs
  • $730,000 total estimated return

Increasing Financial Capacity

Target: $500,000+

Fayerweather currently has a mortgage balance of $1.5 million. Our goal is to reduce that mortgage by one-third—to build equity, reduce annual interest costs, and to improve our debt capacity for future capital acquisitions in our quickly changing neighborhood.

Each dollar invested in principal reduction has a guaranteed annual return of 4.75% at our current interest rate. A $500,000 pay down would shave 10 years off the life of our loan, and generate interest savings of $503,000. A nearly equal ratio.

Building a Sustainable Future

Target: $500,000

As Fayerweather looks ahead, we ask you to invest in the dreams our students have for their future. We have a very small endowment, by any independent school standard. The current balance is just over $700,000; we want to add $500,000.

This investment will ensure that we can sustain our innovative academic programs, our effective two-teacher model, and robust financial aid for our families. Because the endowment builds financial strength and flexibility in perpetuity, it allows us to support students, faculty, and staff for generations to come.
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