A BIG thank you to our community for your support of BIG NIGHT IN!

The event was nearly the highest grossing in recent history, at over $50,000! Both students on Friday afternoon and adults on Saturday night were entertained and amazed by Stephan – although the adults were more competitive during the scavenger hunt. In the end, fun was had by all attendees, food was enjoyed by those who ordered it, cookies were wonderfully decorated by the students, bidding was fierce in the auction (and in one case, a couple was bidding against each other and didn’t know!), and we supported the Horizon Fund, professional development, and financial aid at the school.

Thank you!

There is still room in Doodling with Sarah and The New England Craft Beer Backyard Party with Michelle & John. 

Big Night In Committee

Erin McLaughlin
Carolina Sadowski
Maria Aliberti Lubertazzi
Shanel Antunes
Amy Armstrong
Alissa Cardone
Amy d’Ablemont-Burnes
Marion Decaillet
Talaya Delany
Emily Newmann
Nicole Pirani
Johanna Richwagen Cockburn
Niall Stephens
Marcia Velencia
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