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Lessons from the Coronavirus

Kim Ridley, Head of School
We are back to in-person school, and for the most part, students seem happy to re-engage with the routine of leaving home to enter another community of peers and other caring adults to get down to the business of formal, spontaneous, and organic learning – the kind of learning that happens best when we are present with one another.
On Monday, I observed groups of students at Fayerweather West playing in the GAGA pit, playing basketball, chatting, and just being together. I noticed some students sitting alone in deep contemplation. I asked one student, “what are you thinking about?” He commented, “my future career.” Of course, that is what an 8th grader is likely thinking about as time wraps up at FSS. I also saw a Yoga class, and heard from a 7th grader about the fun of improv class. He said, “I thought I would hate it,  but I had lots to contribute and it was actually fun.” 

At Fayerweather East, students are loving the new trikes, enjoying the freedom of seeing more friends, and loving art, music, shop and the various projects, activities, and lessons being learned throughout the school. And, when we are all together and experiencing more freedom to connect outside, what comes with that are conflicts to be resolved, and supportive and firm conversations to be had. Finally, we are back to some degree of normalcy!

Overall, I  marvel at the flexibility and adaptability of our children and parents. You all have rolled with masks, social distancing, COVID testing, modified and hybrid schedules, Zoom learning, and constant communications from the school, on top of all of the frustrations that has come with this strange time. I am constantly reminded of the lessons I am learning from this COVID time such as;
  • Focus on what matters
  • Amplify resilience and compassion 
  • Acknowledge anxiety
  • Appreciate partnership and collaboration
  • Slow down
  • Listen, listen, listen
  • Students’ love their own desks
  • Creativity and imagination is our super power
  • Relationships are key to getting through a crisis
  • Advocate and recommend
I want the last six weeks of school to be joyous and a time to honor and appreciate what it means to be together. 

In partnership,

    • Students at the GAGA pit

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