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FSS Staff Meet with Dr. Gil Noam of the PEAR Institute

FSS staff were lucky enough to participate in a presentation around understanding the impact of the pandemic on the mental health of children and adults in schools lead by the Partnerships in Education and Resilience (PEAR) Institute.
Dr. Gil Noam and his colleagues shared with us their framework for the four essential elements (belonging, assertiveness, active engagement, and reflection) that we all need to learn, develop, and thrive, and asked us to think through how to bring each element forward in our work.
"I found the presentation uplifting, affirming and it gave me hope for moving through this together,” noted one teacher. “I also appreciate how Fayerweather is working hard to support us all in this mammoth task."
Staff will have the opportunity to consult with PEAR around supporting their students' social emotional needs this fall in individual and small group settings. We look forward to our continued partnership with them!
    • Dr. Gil Noam facilitated a discussion around the mental health of students during COVID.

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