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1/2 Publishing Party!

This week, ½ students held their publishing party! They’ve been hard at work on creating their own characters and bringing them to life.
They story boarded and created their own books about their character. All the while learning lessons like:
  • What were some of the comments on your Meet the Author sheet? What were some kid comments when the teachers read your story to the class? How did that make you feel?
  • What are cuisenaire rods? What do they have to do with math? What is the value of the orange rod?
  • What demonstration did we do with water, cinnamon and soap? What did it show? Did it change some of your hand washing habits?
  • What is a dipthong? How do you pronounce it? What sounds do oi & oy make? What is the rule about where these vowels usually live in a word? (beginning or middle) What are the OUCH diphthongs? What do syllables have to do with the rules for placement?
  • What happens when your bladder is half full? Where are your kidneys located in your body?
These student authors proudly shared their work with their parents in class on Thursday. You can see photos from the process and party here!
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