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FSS Welcomes Esther Adler

The Unit had a special visitor on Friday, February 14; author and Holocaust survivor Esther Adler.
Esther Adler is the grandmother of FSS alum Emma Adler ’15, and the author of her autobiographical novel Best Friends. Esther’s visit coincided with the Unit’s studying of the Holocaust and anti-Semitism. Esther recounted her experiences of living through Kristallnacht and being separated from her family as a young girl.
Esther’s novel Best Friends tells the story of two girls who meet in on their first day of school in Breslau, Poland against the background of Hitler’s ascent to power, ever increasing anti-Semitism, and restrictive laws against Jews. The book includes “Topics for Discussion” suitable for classroom use in religious or public schools or book-clubs. For young adults, adults, or educators, the book provides access to difficult issues of the holocaust through an accessible and relatable story of enduring friendship.
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