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Fayerweather Welcomes Dr. Jason Fogler

On Thursday, November 14, Fayerweather welcomed Dr. Jason Fogler, M.A., Ph.D from Boston Children’s Hospital to lead his engaging workshop on Executive Functioning.
Dr. Fogler’s ADHD Bootcamp addresses the ways in which children struggle with inattention, disorganization, homework problems, and impulsive behavior, while helping parents get back to basics with managing their child’s ADHD. Dr. Jason Fogler is a staff psychologist and Co-Director of the ADHD Program in the Division of Developmental Medicine at Boston Children’s Hospital and an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Psychology at Harvard Medical School. He co-leads his Division's Clinical Outcomes Workgroup to improve care for what has come to be known as "complex ADHD": Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder with one or more co-occurring conditions, including mood and anxiety disorders, learning disabilities, disruptive behavior disorders, and posttraumatic stress. He has been providing neuropsychological testing, organizational skills training, and parent guidance for children and teens with ADHD for over a decade.
Dr. Fogler’s presentation covered the various symptoms of ADHD, how these symptoms can affect a child’s life, and ways in which children can manage their symptoms. More information from Dr. Fogler’s presentation can be found here, and information regarding Dr. Fogler’s ADHD Bootcamp sessions can be found here. Videos of Dr. Fogler's talk can be found below.
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