Head Search

We are pleased to announce that Kimberly Ridley will become the Fayerweather Street School's next Head of School, effective July 1, 2018.

With more than 20 years of experience working as an educator, administrator, and counselor in a variety of settings, Kim comes to Fayerweather from the Gordon School in Providence, RI, where she currently serves as Assistant Head of School, a position she has held since 2013. Prior to that role, Kim served as the Director of Diversity and Multicultural Practice at Gordon and as Director of Diversity Initiatives and Community Affairs at St. Catherine’s School in Richmond, VA. Kim holds a doctorate in clinical psychology, is the author of multiple professional articles, and is a frequent presenter on equity, multicultural practice, and institutional change at regional and national conferences. Kim has a deep understanding of progressive curricula and the social and emotional development of children all the way from Pre-K through 8th grade. And in her career as well as in her personal activism, Kim demonstrates clearly that she shares Fayerweather’s deep commitment to issues of diversity, equity, and social justice.

We want to share our pride in the school’s community, who showed a dedicated commitment to our future. It was your combined support of the process and your meaningful involvement that helped the Search Committee and the Board identify, embrace, and enthusiastically endorse Kim Ridley as our next Head of School.

List of 9 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: What is the timeline for the search?

    The search for a new head of school will start in earnest in February, with a site visit from our search consultants. Jane Armstrong and Bill Lyons from Independent Thinking will visit the school and meet with the full range of members from the community.  They will engage us in active conversations about our hopes and dreams for Fayerweather and its next head of school. The consultants will then put together a position and profile and begin the process of searching for strong candidates. They will introduce candidates to the search committee, which will begin its process of exploring attractive candidates. It is the industry practice that the initial stages of the interview process are confidential. The search committee will keep the community informed in broad terms as the process moves forward

    We are most committed to finding the right next head of school rather than to a specific search timeline.  Our goal is to have the next head of school ready to begin July 2018. 
  • Q: How was the search committee formed?

    The Board of Directors appointed a small committee to undertake the important work of partnering with our search consultants to vet potential head of school candidates. This Board-appointed committee is composed of individuals who are able and willing to perform this time-consuming and important task on behalf of the Fayerweather School community. The Board followed the recommendation of our search consultants to keep the committee small. The members of the committee are:

    Karl Bandtel (current and alumni parent, and former board member)
    Pete Bell (current parent and board member)
    Ann Cason-Snow (5/6 teacher)
    Ray Giles (alumni and former board member)
    Kerryn Hinds (current parent, Pre-K teacher, Director of Equity and Inclusion, board member)
    Laura Johnson (co-chair of Search Committee, alumni parent, and board member)
    Becca Lowenhaupt (current parent)
    Lia Novotny (co-chair of Search Committee, current parent, and board member)

    For more about the search committee members, please see the Board’s letter announcing the committee.

    Search committee members will need to commit a great deal of time and energy to this process as they hold the important responsibility of working on behalf of the entire school community. We recognize and greatly appreciate that there are many individuals eager to help in this process—certainly far more than can be accommodated by the recommendation of our search consultants to keep the committee number in “single digits” in order to ensure the ability to meet frequently as a full committee and to ensure that the committee is able to do its work effectively on behalf of the community.  The search committee and consultants look forward to talking with all interested members of the community during the search process.
  • Q: What does the search committee do?

    The search committee will partner with our search consultants to vet candidates who are qualified and interested in serving as Fayerweather’s next head of school. Committee members will serve as Fayerweather Street School ambassadors in meeting and interviewing candidates. They will work on behalf of the community to ensure that the search process is successful for the school. They will gather the input of the community, interview candidates, conduct extensive reference checks, and recommend a finalist to the Board of Directors. The search committee does not hire the head of school; that is the responsibility of the Board.
  • Q: What is Fayerweather looking for in the next Head of School?

    We are looking for an exceptional leader for Fayerweather who will embrace the school’s mission and culture. Working with various constituencies within the school community and drawing on the foundational work of the strategic plan developed in 2016, our search consultants have created an Opportunity Statement that reflects our school’s unique character, mission, and energy.  It outlines the qualities and skills we are seeking in our next leader and is provided to all prospective candidates for their review. 
  • Q: Who is involved in the search?

    The Search Committee, by charge of the Board, is responsible for managing the search on behalf of the entire school community. The committee is co-chaired by Laura Johnson and Lia Novotny.  The search committee and the search consultants will be drawing on the perspectives, knowledge and wisdom of the school’s administrative team, faculty, staff, parents, students, and other stakeholders. When candidates visit, they will have the opportunity to learn about the school and its history from the broader community.  Ultimately, the Board of Directors appoints the next head of school.
  • Q: How will communication be handled?

    We are committed to keeping the community apprised as appropriate throughout the process. We will continue to use the various Fayerweather communication vehicles to share information. There will certainly be “quiet” periods during the course of our search as the search consultants and committee are conducting the confidential work of vetting potential candidates. However, if you have questions at any time, you can email the search committee co-chairs at headsearch@fayerweather.org.  Additionally, you can email our search consultants, Jane Armstrong and Bill Lyons, at it@independent-thinking.com with questions.
  • Q: Will these searches impact my child's experience?

    Fayerweather is fortunate to have a strong administrative, faculty, and staff team who will continue their work of ensuring that the school is a great place for all of our children, each and every day. We also have the support of an experienced and talented head as we make this transition. We are all committed to doing the work necessary to ensure that the strengths of Fayerweather are only enhanced as we move forward.
  • Q: Who will hire the new Head of School?

    The Board of Directors is responsible for hiring the head of school. 
  • Q: Have a question that is not answered here?

    Please feel free to contact the search committee chairs at: headsearch@fayerweather.org.
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