The Senior Leadership Team is closely monitoring these metrics and crossing the threshold of any of these will trigger a meeting of the Covid-19 Crisis Management Team to review these and all other available data and make a recommendation regarding the possibility of moving one or more cohorts or the entire school to Scenario 3: Remote Learning Model, or moving back to Scenario 2: Hybrid Learning Model. This decision will be communicated to the community as quickly and transparently as the decision is made. This dashboard will be in updated for the community weekly.
Click here to access the Massachusetts Daily COVID-19 Dashboard.

MA State

Threshold > 3% Positive test rate

Middlesex County

Average daily incidence rate per 100,000 (from the last 14 days)
Threshold > 10 new cases daily


Threshold > 3% positive test rate

Fayerweather has conducted 660 tests so far, with zero positive tests.

FSS Community

Threshold > than one confirmed COVID-19 case (students or staff) in the school at one time, or if there is a series of singles cases in a short time span. For more information please see page 9 of our Health & Safety Protocols.
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