2020-2021 School Plan

Fayerweather Street School believes that children learn best within a community. Our students, teachers, administrators, staff, and parents have an array of identities and life experiences that coalesce to form a strong community of invested learners. We are deeply committed to a purposeful and empowering education for our students, as we believe that education, in the broadest sense, should encourage a love of learning, social responsibility, and the mindsets and skill sets necessary to grapple with a diverse, changing, and complex world. 

Fayerweather is planning to open with in-person learning under the guidance of Scenario 2, which is our Hybrid Model. This model will include in-person, asynchronous, and synchronous learning opportunities. The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has provided initial guidance on the safest ways to accommodate students in our building. Our plan is to create cohorts of learners, and to adapt our spaces so that we can create a safe, thoughtful learning environment for teachers, staff and students. We will also consider a staggered schedule so that all students will have the opportunity for in-person instruction and social engagement.

Health and Safety

Fayerweather will adhere to all of the emerging state guidelines for health and safety protocols in schools, and will do everything possible to adapt these guidelines to our building and community. This includes:
  • Procurement of all necessary PPE supplies
  • Development of a detailed space use plan to accommodate as many students in the building, as is safe, and students and teacher will exist in distinct cohorts
  • Implementation of daily health screening protocols for all adults and children in our community
  • Guidelines around the wearing of masks, visitors in the building, and revised drop-off and dismissal procedures
  • Transitioning our Health Providers role to a full time position
  • The Health Providers office will be relocated in the building to align with health and safety guidelines
  • The school will clean and disinfect high touch surfaces during the day, and our professional crew will deep clean each evening
  • All air filters will be inspected and changed on a regular basis. We are also installing hand sanitizing stations and configuring rooms to meet evolving social distance guidelines and honor the classroom culture and spirit at Fayerweather

Teaching & Learning

The goal of a Fayerweather education is for students to know themselves as learners and have a voice and advocacy in their learning. In order to prepare for all three scenarios of instruction, Fayerweather teachers are currently engaging in robust professional learning this summer that fits with the developmental, cognitive, and social-emotional needs of their students and adapts to all learning scenarios. Teams are building their capacities in a wide range of offerings that focus on online instruction, project-based learning, differentiation in math instruction, and social emotional learning. Each grade level team will meet over the summer to plan collaboratively with the Educational Leadership Team so they can seamlessly flow between in-person, hybrid, and remote learning.

Centering Relationships

At Fayerweather we believe, “truly knowing each child is the heart of a great education.” Establishing relationships that allow students to feel known, cared for, and safe will be our primary goal when school begins, whether remotely or in person, as we know that most students will return to school with more social emotional needs than is typical in September. We will seek to meaningfully connect with each child as quickly as possible and use those relationships to process what has happened and what will happen this school year. The process may look different for some students - whether new or returning, a Zoom lover or not - our work will be to find the right path to connection for each. 
To that end, we are making several additions to our program to enhance our capacity for social emotional support to students. We are looking at several ways to create developmentally appropriate versions of the successful Unit Advisory program in younger grades, in order to strengthen adult to student relationships. Across the school we are adding to our social emotional curriculum, creating social emotional checklists to keep best practices at the forefront of our minds in all classes, and providing opportunities for staff to learn creative ways to connect with students remotely. We are also strongly considering adding a position that can support our counseling and student engagement work.

Strengthening Community

Community is at the center of the FSS experience and mission. Fayerweather is more than a school. Our communications and community engagement activities will be clear, transparent, consistent, frequent, and will not, in the process, sacrifice the humor or personality Fayerweather embodies.
We commit to providing and reimagining ways of connecting and celebrating our students and being responsive to the needs of families. We will work hard to strengthen existing bonds and look forward to cultivating relationships with our new families. We value, understand, and embrace the importance of connection and relationships. This central tenet of a beloved community is what continues to make our school an impactful and vibrant place to learn, develop, and grow. It is through our communications shared by email, video, in the ‘Weather Report, and on the website that you see and experience who we are. We rely on and strongly encourage community participation in upcoming virtual Town Halls; on the Board, Parent Association and as PA reps; with surveys; and in-person or virtual gatherings of students, cohorts, classes and grade bands of families, affinity groups, and volunteer committees both at school and outside of the school building to counter the disruptive nature of modified in-person, hybrid, and remote learning scenarios we may face in the coming school year.

Learning Scenarios

List of 3 items.

  • Scenario 1

    An In-Person Learning scenario will have all students, teachers, staff, and administrators present in the building, while following health and safety protocols informed by state and federal guidelines.

  • Scenario 2

    A Hybrid Learning scenario will be a mix of synchronous and asynchronous learning where some students may be in the building, implementing a staggered schedule, while other students are learning at home, while following health and safety protocols, informed by state and federal guidelines.

  • Scenario 3

    In a Remote Learning scenario there will be no students, teachers, staff, or administrators in the building, while following  health and safety protocols informed by state and federal guidelines.


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