We are thrilled to welcome our entire community back to school for the 2021-2022 school year! We cannot wait to see all our students, returning and new. We know you are also excited to see friends and meet new staff and students.
We are confident about our ability to operate full-time and in-person, but we still live in a time of change, disruption, and uncertainty. We continue to be grateful for your participation and for the collaborative relationships between families, students, and staff. Your dedication to a safe and successful year allows Fayerweather to keep growing and moving forward.

Health and Safety

Fayerweather will adhere to guidance from DESE, the CDC, and our medical/public health team for health and safety protocols in schools, and will do everything possible to adapt these guidelines to our building and community. This includes:

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  • Masks

    All students in grades Pk-8 and all adults will be required to wear masks. We know this will be developmentally more difficult for some students, particularly those in PK-1. Students will be given mask breaks and mask wearing will be supported as appropriate by teachers. 
  • Hand Washing/Sanitizing

    Every family will be required to use the Magnus symptom checker app every morning before arriving. We all must take responsibility to be honest, accurate, and careful about reporting and staying home if we suspect or have any illness, and students will not be allowed in the building if the family has not provided the information required on the app. Additionally the school has purchased 6 hands free, automatic, free standing hand sanitizer dispensers. They will be placed near entrances where students will be entering the school, from the playground. In addition, there are 4 automatic hands-free hand sanitizer/foam soap tabletop dispensers that will be placed on hallway counters/cubbies.
  • Physical Distancing

    Students will be physical distancing as much as possible within the building. We may relax some policies to allow for collaborative learning experiences.
  • Cleaning

    The school and Spotlite Cleaning continue coordinating together and have reviewed DESE/CDC/DPH/ MISPO guidelines, including which products to use. Spotlite Cleaning will wipe down commonly touched walls, fixtures (door hardware, faucets, toilets), surfaces, desks, counters daily. 
  • Ventilation

    The school outfits each learning space and the health office with Jade SCA5000 air filtration units. These units include HEPA/CHARCOAL/UV/IONIZED treatment of air for each instructional space. This treats the air where it counts most, where people are breathing.

Teaching & Learning

The goal of a Fayerweather education is for students to know themselves as learners and have a voice and advocacy in their learning. In order to prepare for all three scenarios of instruction, Fayerweather teachers continue engaging in robust professional learning that fits with the developmental, cognitive, and social-emotional needs of their students and adapts to all learning scenarios. Teams continue building their capacities in a wide range of offerings that focus on project-based learning, outdoor education, differentiation in math instruction, social emotional learning, and online learning. Each grade level team meets collaboratively with the Educational Leadership Team so they can seamlessly flow between in-person, hybrid, and remote learning if needed.

  • Town Hall - 7/16/20 8:00 AM

    Virtual Town Halls


Learning Scenarios

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  • Scenario 1

    An In-Person Learning scenario will have all students, teachers, staff, and administrators present in the building, while following health and safety protocols informed by state and federal guidelines.

  • Scenario 2

    A Hybrid Learning scenario will be a mix of synchronous and asynchronous learning where some students may be in the building, implementing a staggered schedule, while other students are learning at home, while following health and safety protocols, informed by state and federal guidelines.

  • Scenario 3

    In a Remote Learning scenario there will be no students, teachers, staff, or administrators in the building, while following  health and safety protocols informed by state and federal guidelines.
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